C4D Everyday - Day 14: ‘One’

Yesterday, we had our winter for the year here in Austin and all of the schools were closed for the day. That means that daycare was closed for the day too. Babysitting during the day turned into working once my wife finally got home so I decided to kill two birds with one stone and do some research for a show open I have coming up. 

The design brief basically says ‘Sportscenter’, so I spent some time researching Sports Center graphics and typography. I started out doing some sketching just to try and figure out how I was going to get the type modeled in C4D. One of the pieces of type I referenced was from a piece Troika did for the Charlotte Hornets. I really liked the futuristic honeycomb pattern on the text (image above) and figured that I’d try to reference that in my actual build. 

Next you can see the paths I set up in Illustrator. I was digging through 3D Type projects on Behance the other day and stumbled on a piece that I really liked that had a walkthrough. I think I’m going to try my hand at doing something similar in the next week or so. I really like the look. In any case, I broke my text up like they did and brought everything in to C4D. 

I did some initial modeling and realized that part of what I’d wanted to do to begin with was text that had light shining through it. Having a full piece of metal in the front wasn’t going to work. I went back to Illustrator and started chopping up and rearranging bits until I ended up with a 1 that I liked. I brought that back in, dropped the new paths into the extrude I’d already set up, and got to experimenting with some lights. 

You can see some of my volumetric tests above. I was trying to use spots and area lights to cast some interesting light from behind the main pieces. I’ve also got a luminant material that’s applied to another extruded 1 path that sits behind the cut out pieces and the outline. It’s nothing particularly complex. Just a noise filter with an add mode to a cyan color. 

Once I was finally happy I threw together a little sportscenter esque set of space tunnel with boxes, cylinders and tauruses ina mograph cloner. Nothing particularly exciting. I sort of got it lit and then went off and watched a movie with my wife. 

When I came back I could see that the 1 looked ok, but I wasn’t really happy with the rest of it. Not having another hour and a half to render, I took the graphic into photoshop and started to do some compositing. I masked off the cyan areas where light should be pouring through on the 1 and copied, pasted to a new layer, blurred and set the transfer mode to add to create a little atmosphere. Then I created a mask around my 1, duplicated the layer, inversed my mask to create a selection of the background, and blurred the crap out of it with lens blur before applying some color correction and vignetting in Magic Bullet looks. I’ve included the non color corrected version at the end of the photos just so that you can see how far I pushed it. 

It was an experiment. Maybe one that didn’t work particularly well, but sometimes experimental failures are how you move ahead. I like the numeral, the rest less so, but I have ideas of where I can take it from here and sometimes that’s all that matters. 

Nice composition. Quick question. Did you just color correct the background or did you add some glow to It perhaps?